Stacy’s Roseville Library Storytime

After our first Stacy storytime, rumor spread among the Ramsey County librarians that they could invite Stacy to a robot themed storytime. So, the Roseville library invited us for their evening and morning robot storytime.

For both sessions the kids were surprised to see a real robot in front of them. Many crowded around Stacy to investigate further. When storytime officially started they were shocked to see her move to their songs and stories. The kids made sure to constantly ask their parents, “Did you see the robot move?” to make sure they weren’t imagining things. Also, they made sure to keep their eyes glued to Stacy so they never missed a single movement.

The Posse talking in front of the storytime visitors

At the very end of storytime the kids got to high-five Stacy and received a robot sticker. They were so excited and many kids came back for more and more high-fives. We were also able to tell them that if they were entering K-4th grade they could be on a FLL Jr. team and learn the beginning skills of programming, building, and public speaking. Many parents and kids were interested and we hope to see them participate this season!

High five!

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