Sunday Meeting 9/7/14

As soon as all the team members arrived, we dove into the pre-made agenda, by our lovely team member, Sabriyah. It mostly guided us through discussions we needed to address about this next FTC season, including; sponsorship letter, business plan, team identity, t-shirts (or nah?), etc. We then were left by ourselves, as Coach went outside to set up a bonfire to be mentioned later (oooh spoilers). Each of us set up social networking settings (so instagram posts to Facebook [and if you’re wondering… ]) and then broke off into three to work on work (heh). Meghan, Amy and I did the layout for our Buissness Plan, reading through the basics, while Sabriyah and Nancy worked on the first meeting’s binder page, and Rose reset all social media passwords. Basically, starting the season. 🙂


Now it comes to the good part… food! The spinach lasagna was delicious, as the juice (good way for fruit intake… with lots of sugar, yikes). As soon as we finished our plates, we rushed out to the bonfire (wow, a bonfire! So fancy! *nudges you to act surprised*) to roast marshmallows before our parents arrived. Over many s’mores, we bonded (as always) and left happily ready to take on the next day of school… although that has nothing to do with this blog post. Whoops.


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