Teaching a Lego League class!

Today, us and two members from Height Differential taught an “Introduction to Lego League” class. We were each assigned four or five third-graders to coach. Since it was the first day, the kids began putting together their robots by following instructions. At first, they weren’t all that keen on working together. But by the end of the hour they were taking turns, helping each other, and even helping other teams. It was a lot of fun teaching beginners the things we know so well.

After the class, we went back to our house and, after a delicious dinner, had a team meeting, We continued working on the robot and brainstorming ideas to improve programs. Today was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to next Thursday when we can continue the class!

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    so we have a Facebook page under the name The Ponytail Posse, a google plus account under the same name, and an instagram under ponytail_posse.

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