Teen Tech Camp Demo

Every year, our local library hosts a “Teen Tech Camp” where teenagers can join and gain hands-on experience with cool technology like 3D printing, circuits, and programming. We were invited last year to show our robot during one of the classes. It was a lot of fun, so we were excited to have the same opportunity this year.

Kid trying to drive the robot by turning the controller like a steering wheel

We were given about 40 minutes to talk to the class. For the first half, we put Stacy the robot on a table and walked the students through how everything works. We talked about the robot competition and how we use a mix of the Tetrix kit and custom parts to build the robot. Then we walked them through how all the electrical components were connected and drew a diagram on the whiteboard. Since our robot is sort of a culmination of everything they had learned in the class so far, they were familiar with a lot of the things we talked about.

During the second half, we let the students take the controls and drive it around. We set up a blue tape “goal” on the floor and scattered cubes around for them to use as scoring pieces. After a couple people tried this out, Nancy had the idea of making it into a competition by timing how fast all five cubes could be scored. It was a lot of fun and the students really got into seeing how fast they could complete the task. This was also a good way to show them a little bit of what the energy of a real FTC competition is like.

We had a great time at this demo and we can’t wait to go back next year!

Student driving the robot

Student and teacher driving the robot

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