The Ponytail Posse has returned!

After a nice, long break during the summer, the Ponytail Posse has returned for the 2013-14 Lego League season! Woohoo!

emily pic

The first thing we did at our first meeting was assign roles. We made a chart on the whiteboard that had all six of our names; next to our names were “Good At” and “Like to Do”. After filling out the chart, we determined who would be the people in charge of certain things this season. Things like: organizing meetings, programming the robot, writing the skit, taking care of the blog and binder, ect. Of course, all of use are going to do a little of everything; but we wanted certain people to be in charge of certain things.

We also figured out how much money we would need and talked about possible sponsors. We made a list of sponsors to talk to; some from last year, some that were sponsoring other LL teams, and some brand new ones.

The last thing we did before the meeting was over was deciding on a t-shirt design. All of us had brought design possibilities (on paper or in our heads) for the t-shirt that we would wear at competition. After some debating, we decided on having a cool drawing (done by Emily) on the front and our brand-new logo (below) on the back, along with sponsor logos.

We’re super-excited for this new year, and can’t wait to get started!

Our new logo!
Our new logo!

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