Davanni’s Fundraiser Demo 2018

On a snowy spring day before traveling to the FIRST World Championship, our team hosted a Davanni’s fundraising event. Not only was there yummy food to fill the longing for warm spring days, but we were also able to tell others about robotics.

Posse member Nancy talking to visitors about the robot

Although, not as many people were able to come because of the snow, those who were brave enough made the trek and were able to see what our team has been up to for the last 9 months. Visitors even had a chance to drive our robot and obtain their official MN driver’s license!

In the middle of the fundraiser, Charlotte, Heeral and Nancy went to the Shoreview City Council to update them on the success of FTC teams within our district. During this time, Rose and Meghan stayed back and talked to neighbors, family, and friends that visited Davanni’s.

Overall, we had a great time and it was fun to finally show our robot to our friends and family!

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